Idaho State Draft Horse & Mule International Show



May Artist of the Month: Bonnie Shields May

My art career started with a black and a green crayon—on my grandma’s kitchen wall.  Fortunately for me, I was only 4 and much too young to execute, so when granny didn’t kill me, I took it to heart that I MUST be an artist!  There are those who argue it was the high point of my career, but I just don’t take them serious.

April Hitch of the Month: Penner Family Belgians aka Karleen Meyer

My family, Penner Family Belgians has had a presence at Idaho State Draft Horse International starting with the second show. I was the only one of us 4 kids that enjoyed the horses with Dad. After he passed away I kept 3 of our favorites, the big hitch wagon and the show harness that he made himself. 

January Hitch Feature of the Month: Overmyer Dapple Grey Percheron Draft Mule Hitch

The Overmyer family Draft Mule Hitch was established in 1996, purchasing a “VERY OLD” pair of Percheron crossed Bay colored Draft Mules named “HIPPO and UGLY” from great friends from Stevensville MT.  Hippo and Ugly fit their names very well, but was absolutely bomb proof and exactly a perfect fit for the greenhorns staring their new adventure.